PhoneNames, Its a numbers game

PhoneNames, Its a numbers game

Generating more sales with the help of PhoneName

Sales is all a numbers game. The more people you are able to reach, the more sales you make. But you also need to keep in mind the quality as compared to the quantity. There are strategies that can help every call you make count and lead to fruitful results. After all, you just have a couple of seconds to create interest in your prospective customer. Phonenames make for a big help when reaching out to customers and being there when they need you. 1300 number and1800 numbers are commonly used as marketing tools to generate more calls and connect to your customers. Get these phone names to realize the complete potential of your marketing efforts.


Marketing campaigns with the help of these phone names help in improving Customer service, enhance Brand recognition, and improve the image of the company. The sales will naturally increase as your marketing efforts get more focused and help reach the targeted customers. You customer can easily recall these phone words and connect to your product or services. These numbers are easy to remember and use. Your customer can memorize these easily and get in touch with you right away.

The most appealing aspect about these phone words is that these alphanumeric numbers offer a much better response than a toll free number. They add more credibility to a business with a positive orientation. Hundreds of businesses are gaining advantage from instant recalls from their customers. This is an extremely effective yet inexpensive form of marketing for your company. Recent statistics show that these phonenames can increase sales by as much as 23%. Market research shows that about 70% of all orders get generated on phone.

All successful companies rely on their brand recognition and their proximity to their customers. When customers can easily remember you with the help of a phone word that means you has significant edge over your rivals. Your customer is most likely to call you as he remembers the number and finds it easy to call. He will naturally call the number that he remembers. Another advantage is that even if you move your business to another location, your phone name will follow you.  These numbers are easy to remember and attract attention. It is the ease to recall that increases marketing response rates and leads to more sales.
In a nutshell, 1800 and 1300 phonenames play an important role in increasing calls and leads, thus leading tom more inquiries or referrals. This will naturally lead to higher sales.

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