Use 1300 or 1800 Custom Numbers -phonewords and gain more revenue in business

Use 1300 or 1800 Custom Numbers / phonewords and gain more revenue in business

If you are the owner of a business channel and want to enhance the connection between you and your customer then these national phone numbers are ideal for that purpose. These numbers are not tied to any kind of specific number just like the mobile and land phone numbers are. These are basically the virtual phone numbers using which you can route to any desired answer points and ring to the specified destination according to your wish. Any kind of service can be included in these numbers.
You can use it for landlines, fax machines, mobile phones and also for the live answering facilities in your office. Buying a single number of 1300 or 1800, you will be able to select multiple answer points or outside destinations those are needed to contact during the office hours. To give support when the specified answering points are busy there are Alpha numbers that spell a word.
Why your business needs these numbers?
You will get numerous facilities by using these numbers.
• You can use the same numbers for lifetime and you can add affordable and vital tools of marketing for your business.
• The geographical reach of your business will be increased at minimal cost and your potential and exposure as a global business dealer will be shown to your clients.
• Marketing response will be increased and usages of these numbers even after relocation of the business are allowed to give your business a perfect professional image.
• It is completely independent of physical locations and the burden of having extra phone lines can be released by using the numbers.
Facilities given by the service providers:
Different kinds of facilities to draw more attention are being included by the service providers which are very much lucrative. The service providers have full access over the 1300 and 1800 network management system and they provide services using the live interface. Senior customers, team members and also the network engineers are connected to accept any kind of change in the network and the whole system is very much flexible. Payment mode is based on a monthly basis and there is no commitment and no term conditions or any other bond is not applicable there.
Live answering, Voice2Email, Fax2Email are provided by the numbers. You can choose from the best values and the plans are easy to understand. Premium and free numbers are available. Call analysis and reporting of the bill will be prepared by the companies. Several packages are there to suit your call volume and other needs. Sometimes free talktime is also provided for fixed landlines for the sake of the customers.
Key benefits:
As mentioned earlier 1300 and 1800 numbers are important because the services rendered are fast, free and efficient. Especially for 1300 numbers, free calls are also given for the first 20 minutes. 1800 numbers are sometimes used as toll free numbers. The user has to pay only for his call and not for his callers. Advanced call routing can be done. Generally the 1300 or 1800 numbers can be used for local purposes, customer service or used for sales.