Style Guide for Advertising

Style Guide for Advertising a Custom Name

  • Your Phone Name should always appear ALL CAPITALS, no dashes,

with a space between the 1300 and the name eg:

  1300 FERNWOOD 


1300 Fernwood  X  1300 fernwood  X

  • If the phone number is to be included with the phone name, the number should be written in full and placed directly below or to the right of the name. Over-dial digits should not be included.

1300 FERNWOOD   1300 FERNWOOD (1300 337 696)

(1300 337 696)

1300 VODAFONE  X        1300 VODAFONE (863 236)  X

(1300 3376 9663)

  • The phone name prefix 1300 should be pronounced “one three hundred”.

“Call one three hundred Fernwood CORRECT  

  “Call thirteen hundred Fernwood”  X

  • We don’t recommend saying the number as well.
    People just don’t remember numbers.