Word Numbers, PhoneWords and PhoneNames for Business

Word Numbers, Phone Words and Phone Names for Business

Become more memorable by using a 1300 or 1800 Word Number, Phone Word, Phone Name or Memorable Phone Number.

If you were looking to buy, sell or Rent a home wouldn’t it be simple to call the custom number 1300 SELL MY HOME – 1800 LEASED – 1300 KIT HOME – 1300 BUY A HOME, 1300 2 RENT A HOME, It is just common sense to use a memorable word number to get more calls for your business.

See your advertising response rates go through the roof, with a custom number which works as a great way to brand your business throughout multiple advertising mediums. By using a custom word number in your advertising you can generate more than 5 times more calls for your business.
Word Numbers are totally transferable, meaning that you can pick up and expand your business or office premises and never have to worry about changing your phone number!!

Call 1300 MY GROUP today to secure your 1300 and 1800 Custom Word Numbers.

 Be more than a NUMBER! Make a NAME for Yourself!


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