1800 Word Numbers Available

1800 Word Numbers Available

1800 Word Numbers are Easier to remember
Listen to the radio tonight or turn on the television – advertisers everywhere are already starting to use word numbers because they know it sticks in the mind of the customer and consumers.

1300 & 1800 Word numbers are proven to have a much better retention rate with customers than standard phone numbers. By using a number that is easier to retain your business should experience an increase of calls equaling an increase in business in business sales!

If you had a Mechanical Business and wanted to generate more calls you could use the number 1800 288673 and by advertising this same 1800 number as 1800 AUTO SERVICE or thats same 1800 number also makes 1800 AUTO REPAIR you could generate 5X more calls and remain in the memory of customers who see you advertising this great word number.

1800 Numbers are more memorable when converted to a word it’s a proven fact! take a look at these custom numbers and see if your memory retains the number or the word number.

1800 724652 is much more simple to remember when advertised as 1800 SCHOLAR, 1800 SCHOLARSHIP or even 1800 SCHOLASTIC

1800 735569 would be more memorable when advertised as 1800 SELL MY and may also be advertised as 1800 SELL MY CAR, 1800 SELL MY BOAT, 1800 SELL MY HOME or even 1800 SELL MY BIKE the list goes on with a great 1800 word number such as this one.

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day your business could have an easy to remember 1800 custom number.

Here are a few available 1800 PHONEWORDS

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