Promoting & Advertising a Custom Number

Promoting & Advertising a Custom Number

How to promote your Phone Name.
When advertising a phonename, phoneword or custom number, make sure your phonename is bold and prominent as this is the first thing you would like customers to see on your advertising.

Use your Phone name throughout all your marketing activities – on promotions, throughout advertising, even on your business stationery, building signage and vehicles. Typesetting of words and numbers please see style guide.

Create fun little direct mail pieces for customers and prospects that connect back to your Phone name. For instance, send your prospects a packet of “lifesavers” with your name and Phone name as a solution to their problem.

Ever get a jingle stuck in your head? Create your own fun jingle featuring your Phone name and include it as “on hold” music when customers and prospects ring.

Think about how you can set up national coverage. A Phone-Name is a national number. You can sub-license territories in the same way you would license a franchisee if you do not have plans to go national. If you are national or you plan to be, get a website up and use your Phone name to support your online channel too.

Use your PhoneWord as your primary number for contact. Why? Because it’s the most memorable one you have and when you have too many phone numbers, customers don’t remember them.

Every phone name should have a registered web presence eg: . A phone name is the best way to guarantee a direct hit to your website from search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Just like searching for a website domain name that is unique, a Custom Number provides you with organic search optimisation. Your phone name is unique to your business and will provide you with the leading search results if placed correctly on your website. Phonenames provide a channel for increased optimisation of your website.

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